Why chucking a “Sickie” is OK*

*every once in a while.

This week I did something scandalousΒ that I’ve never done before. I “wagged school”. Or as “adults” call it, “work”.


I’ve got a lot going on personally at the moment, and not loving my place of employment either, and for the first time in a long time I woke up on Monday morning and just wasn’t feeling it. I looked at my calendar and saw that I had no meetings, and nothing on my agenda that couldn’t be done (arguably better, mind you) from home. So I got my ass out of bed at 5am, went to my Power Yoga class, and came home and had breakfast with my husband. I called in sick, and spent the entire day in bed watching reruns of the Kardashians and the final two episodes of Girls. I did not work from home, and I did not look at my emails once.


And you know what? The world didn’t end. The company didn’t collapse, my manager doesn’t hate me, my colleagues don’t resent me. Plus, and arguably most importantly, I felt significantly more positive and focussed after giving myself that time.

We’re living in a very strange time where convergence and new media are causing technological advances allowing us to log on wherever, whenever, however we like. Which is great for, like, watching those funny videos of cats & cucumbers or babies & lemons (those are basically interchangeable for me), or posting pictures of your breakfast from literally wherever you are. However not so great when said technology also fuels the expectation that now that it is possible to work at all times, you should be available to work at all times, should the need arise. Which is basically most of the time, am I right? Given that to-do list is basically the never ending story. OMG remember that movie? What a fucking weird movie. Like what even is this thing?


I digress. The point is that with the expectation of being “on” at all times ever increasing, there comes a point where you need to take time back for yourself. Whether that be a weekly fitness class, one day per week whether you pledge to “go home on time!”, a no-phone-zone at the dinner table each night, or a quote-un-quote “sickie”, you go get yours. If your actions aren’t going to greatly affect those you work with (don’t be a complete dick now), I say go get yours. Go use one of your 645 sick days you have banked up and take a day. You’ll be better for it.