One for the road

My job takes me all around the country. I get to go to all the standard places, like Melbourne (which is where I am right now), Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and I get to go to some places you would have never heard of; and I struggle to pronounce.

The biggest challenge I face while jet setting around our great country is being healthy. When you are away from home, alone, in a city you are not necessarily familiar with, it is phenomenally easy to make poor choices. Throw into the mix someone is paying for your food and beers and it can be easy to go over the top.

To add to the food dilemma there is the issue of exercise. In an unfamiliar city there are 100 excuses why you tell yourself shouldn’t go out for a run. You don’t know if it’s safe, you don’t know the area, where are you going to go… I’m pretty lucky in that in the capital cities I stay in hotels that have a gym onsite. When I am in Melbourne I get extra spoilt because there are two Virgin Actives to choose from ๐Ÿ˜€

So I suppose the point of this post is to let you know there are ways around the problem. Food is a pretty simple one. For breakfast there is a golden rule: STEP AWAY FROM THE BUFFET. It’s a place chockers with temptations like bacon, pancakes, waffles, reconstituted fruit juice,ย  different sausages. You get the picture. Do a little bit of research the night before and find the little cafes in the area. Not only are you supporting small business, but you will get something freshly cooked with some decent nutritional value. (Keep an eye on our Instagram to see some of my favorite places)

Lunch is also a toughie for me as I am often alongside one of the sales team between customer visits. Normally it is in industrial areas or the outskirts of the city. You get the choice of the fast food majors or the local lunch shop that fries EVERYTHING. My standard go to here is Subway, but not for a sub. My standard is a salad with chicken strips (double meat), lettuce, tomato, olive, carrot, capsicum and honey mustard sauce (no Mr, you can’t have a cookie). The thing is eating this 5 days in a row gets mega boring. Another favorite is Red Rooster. Grab a quarter chicken, garden salad and water and Red’s your uncle. Even the Maccas salads are pretty good if you are in a pinch.

Now it comes to the main event. Dinner! This is a pretty easy one to get right. Keep it simple and keep it fresh. Go with a nice cut of grilled meat with a side of vegetables, a bit of grilled fish and a salad or some chicken breast with salad or veg. If you want to mix it up a bit look for dishes that aren’t loaded with carbs. Vietnamese Pho is awesome as is Korean BBQ. The big one to watch with dinner is what comes in your glass. Whilst it may be hard (it sure is for me!), stay off the beers. If you have the willpower then stay away from alcohol all together. Get a nice bottle of sparkling water and sit on that. The natural minerality actually enhances the flavor in a lot of foods. If you do need something alcoholic grab a glass of wine. Red is better (because antioxidants) and can be paired with anything. If you are having a steak get yourself a nice Cab Sav or Shiraz. Pork can go a Merlot or even a Cab Merlot if they have it. Chicken and fish needs a lighter red, so grab a glass of Pinot Noir. If they have one from the Tamar Valley in Tasmania defs get that one (you can thank me later)

Exercise is tougher. You need to work out (no pun intended) ways to burn some calories without leaving your hotel room. There are a few things you can do, but I’ll save them for the next blog post.

Until next time



New Years Resoflections

Time to get real – I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to health and fitness this year. 2016 has not seen the startย the success story I’d conjured in my drunken mind at 10:45pm on December 31st, 2015 – when the Mr. and I sat in a Local Pubย confidently listed out on our fingers the multitude of ways 2016 was going to be “different”. THIS was going to be the year, we decided. Just like we’d decided in 2014.

Well, needless to say we haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’d love to say that life got in the way – which, to be fair, certain personal challenges have shaken up my mental state and general routine – however the responsibility needs to come back to me. To us. Everyone has shit to deal with, but we use our “shit” as a crutch – a reason to eat comfort food and a reason to sleep instead of move our bodies. Because it’s much easier to start again in this mythical alternate universe known as “next week” when everything is going to be magically easier and I will eat nothing but kale and coconut water and fucking love it, and grand jetรฉ out of bed directly in to a sun salute, morning meditation and a 25km run before facing the day like a champion.

Via Giphy

So this is where it ends. Tomorrow the Mr. and I start the Buzzfeed Two Week Clean Eating Planย (2015 version, we’ve only just realised there’s a new 2016 one, doh!) – not as a quick fix or magic pill – but as an honest reminder to myself that I actually enjoy treating my body and mindย with love and respect and deserve to eat well and fuel myself for greatness. And because my fridge is overflowing with fucking green shit and it cost like double of a normal grocery shop, so it better be fucking worth it. But, you know, mostly the first thing.

Time to take control. Let’s see how this goes…

Mrs. x