Why chucking a “Sickie” is OK*

*every once in a while.

This week I did something scandalous that I’ve never done before. I “wagged school”. Or as “adults” call it, “work”.


I’ve got a lot going on personally at the moment, and not loving my place of employment either, and for the first time in a long time I woke up on Monday morning and just wasn’t feeling it. I looked at my calendar and saw that I had no meetings, and nothing on my agenda that couldn’t be done (arguably better, mind you) from home. So I got my ass out of bed at 5am, went to my Power Yoga class, and came home and had breakfast with my husband. I called in sick, and spent the entire day in bed watching reruns of the Kardashians and the final two episodes of Girls. I did not work from home, and I did not look at my emails once.


And you know what? The world didn’t end. The company didn’t collapse, my manager doesn’t hate me, my colleagues don’t resent me. Plus, and arguably most importantly, I felt significantly more positive and focussed after giving myself that time.

We’re living in a very strange time where convergence and new media are causing technological advances allowing us to log on wherever, whenever, however we like. Which is great for, like, watching those funny videos of cats & cucumbers or babies & lemons (those are basically interchangeable for me), or posting pictures of your breakfast from literally wherever you are. However not so great when said technology also fuels the expectation that now that it is possible to work at all times, you should be available to work at all times, should the need arise. Which is basically most of the time, am I right? Given that to-do list is basically the never ending story. OMG remember that movie? What a fucking weird movie. Like what even is this thing?


I digress. The point is that with the expectation of being “on” at all times ever increasing, there comes a point where you need to take time back for yourself. Whether that be a weekly fitness class, one day per week whether you pledge to “go home on time!”, a no-phone-zone at the dinner table each night, or a quote-un-quote “sickie”, you go get yours. If your actions aren’t going to greatly affect those you work with (don’t be a complete dick now), I say go get yours. Go use one of your 645 sick days you have banked up and take a day. You’ll be better for it.



Running Away from my Problems

Ignore everything you’ve ever been told. Running away from your problems is great. Do it. Don’t face them, chicken out. Go away. …Just kidding. Kind of.

I’ve never been a runner. In fact I think the most fit I’ve ever been, I’ve been able to run for about 2-3 minutes straight. I never ran around (much) as a child, and didn’t play any sports that required running, so I guess that I never developed that kind of cardio fitness.

I’m going through a tough time personally at the moment, and I’ve decided to run away from it. Or maybe run through it? That might sound better. Something about being able to run makes me feel like I’ve taken control of something in my life, and achieved something I’ve never been able to do before. So in this wonderfully digital age I’ve downloaded an app, Running for Weight Loss. This app works much the same as the Couch25k app, where it gives you 3 x weekly runs to build you up from ‘i pull a muscle when tying up my shoe laces’ to running for a solid 45-ish minutes. What caught my eye with this app however was that the playlist changes tempo to match your running/walking intervals. However I’ve used this for the first time this evening, and big caveat – you must subscribe to Premium ($14.99/month) in order to use this feature! This is how those sly dogs getcha! However your first month is free, so I gave it a shot.

The Training: Day 1
Warm Up 5mins
Run 1m & Walk 2m x 5
Run 1:30m & Walk 2m x 2
Run 1m & Walk 1m
Cool Down 5m
Verdict: I survived! I didn’t struggle as much as I thought, however towards the end it was pushing me as my legs were really tired. I have developed sore calves about halfway through and even now (2 hours later) they’re still sore! Going to need my trusty roller to massage them out before bed. I’m really proud of my first attempt and it felt really calming to get out of the gym in to the fresh air and run with no distractions. I can see why people get addicted to this. By the end (Week 8 Day 3) I should be running like an Olympian for 46 minutes straight!

Important Note! Be careful when running, if you don’t pay attention to your technique and listen to your body you can injure yourself. Before heading out today I sharpened up on my technique – here’s what Google found for me.

New Years Resoflections

Time to get real – I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to health and fitness this year. 2016 has not seen the start the success story I’d conjured in my drunken mind at 10:45pm on December 31st, 2015 – when the Mr. and I sat in a Local Pub confidently listed out on our fingers the multitude of ways 2016 was going to be “different”. THIS was going to be the year, we decided. Just like we’d decided in 2014.

Well, needless to say we haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’d love to say that life got in the way – which, to be fair, certain personal challenges have shaken up my mental state and general routine – however the responsibility needs to come back to me. To us. Everyone has shit to deal with, but we use our “shit” as a crutch – a reason to eat comfort food and a reason to sleep instead of move our bodies. Because it’s much easier to start again in this mythical alternate universe known as “next week” when everything is going to be magically easier and I will eat nothing but kale and coconut water and fucking love it, and grand jeté out of bed directly in to a sun salute, morning meditation and a 25km run before facing the day like a champion.

Via Giphy

So this is where it ends. Tomorrow the Mr. and I start the Buzzfeed Two Week Clean Eating Plan (2015 version, we’ve only just realised there’s a new 2016 one, doh!) – not as a quick fix or magic pill – but as an honest reminder to myself that I actually enjoy treating my body and mind with love and respect and deserve to eat well and fuel myself for greatness. And because my fridge is overflowing with fucking green shit and it cost like double of a normal grocery shop, so it better be fucking worth it. But, you know, mostly the first thing.

Time to take control. Let’s see how this goes…

Mrs. x