Running Away from my Problems

Ignore everything you’ve ever been told. Running away from your problems is great. Do it. Don’t face them, chicken out. Go away. …Just kidding. Kind of.

I’ve never been a runner. In fact I think the most fit I’ve ever been, I’ve been able to run for about 2-3 minutes straight. I never ran around (much) as a child, and didn’t play any sports that required running, so I guess that I never developed that kind of cardio fitness.

I’m going through a tough time personally at the moment, and I’ve decided to run away from it. Or maybe run through it? That might sound better. Something about being able to run makes me feel like I’ve taken control of something in my life, and achieved something I’ve never been able to do before. So in this wonderfully digital age I’ve downloaded an app, Running for Weight Loss. This app works much the same as the Couch25k app, where it gives you 3 x weekly runs to build you up from ‘i pull a muscle when tying up my shoe laces’ to running for a solid 45-ish minutes. What caught my eye with this app however was that the playlist changes tempo to match your running/walking intervals. However I’ve used this for the first time this evening, and big caveat – you must subscribe to Premium ($14.99/month) in order to use this feature! This is how those sly dogs getcha! However your first month is free, so I gave it a shot.

The Training: Day 1
Warm Up 5mins
Run 1m & Walk 2m x 5
Run 1:30m & Walk 2m x 2
Run 1m & Walk 1m
Cool Down 5m
Verdict: I survived! I didn’t struggle as much as I thought, however towards the end it was pushing me as my legs were really tired. I have developed sore calves about halfway through and even now (2 hours later) they’re still sore! Going to need my trusty roller to massage them out before bed. I’m really proud of my first attempt and it felt really calming to get out of the gym in to the fresh air and run with no distractions. I can see why people get addicted to this. By the end (Week 8 Day 3) I should be running like an Olympian for 46 minutes straight!

Important Note! Be careful when running, if you don’t pay attention to your technique and listen to your body you can injure yourself. Before heading out today I sharpened up on my technique – here’s what Google found for me.


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